How To Turn Off Mykey Ford F150 Without Admin Key

How To Turn Off Mykey Ford F150 Without Admin Key. All the mykey restrictions have come off (radio volume limited and speed limited plus other things). Subscribe to my channel for future videos!

How To Turn Off Mykey Ford F150 Without Admin Key How to from

Often times it doesn't work the first time even with fords tools and you have to try the second time. The menus you’ll need to disable the ford mykey system only appear for the driver if the vehicle is started with the admin key or the admin key fob. The following are the steps to turn off mykey ford without an admin key.

Then Take The Following Steps To Clear All Mykey Settings And Return Each Mykey To Its Original Status.

Find mykey, and clear mykey. With your admin key in hand, get behind the wheel and start the car. I sat in the truck hit the remote start and it was like i had the admin key.

Nextstill Using The “Ok” Button, Choose “Create Mykey”.

You will then need two pats keys. It will require connecting to your truck's pcm using forscan. How to turn off mykey ford f150 without admin key.

How To Turn Off My Ford Mykey.

Turn on the vehicle with the available key which has the mykey feature. To turn off 2013 ford f150 mykey, use your onboard computer after starting the car with admin key. Not having the admin key is the issue.

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Previously, Our Support Answered That There Are 2 Ways To Do It With Forscan:

After starting the car, wait for the onboard computer to load. I accidentally enabled mykey without having an admin key, and i wasn't able to turn the mykey off. I have a remote starter for my truck.

They Said That The Only Way To Clear It Was To Get A New Admin Key Made (At A Cost Of $350) And For Me To Clear The Mykeys Myself.

Turn on the ford f150 through the ignition key. With this setting selected, press and hold “ok” until the message “all mykeys cleared” appears on the screen. Tab through the message center using the ok or the > button on the steering wheel:


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